Published poems available online:

The History of Running.”  Copper Nickel and Verse Daily.

Teeth.”  Southern Humanities Review.

Mycelium.”  Alimentum.

In the New Soccer Net on the Track Where I Run Laps.”  Sugar House Review.

Three Kinds of Wreckage,” “On Revelation,” & “What I Think of, and What I Don’t.”  Prime Number.

Itch” & “The Be Good.”  Yew.

Married Words.”  Glassworks.

A Photograph of Her Showering,” AGNI Online.

Green Hole,” & “Jesus’s Lambs,” The Baltimore Review.

“Blue Hole,” The Colorado Review.

“I Let Myself Think,” RHINO.

Ink,” Juked.

Marriage,” Valparaiso Poetry Review.

Conspiracy Theory,” Shenandoah.

Confession Concerning the Ocean,” Broadsided Press (originally published in 32 Poems).

Self Portrait at Beginning and End” & “Wedding Love,” The Notre Dame Review (Audio only).

When the Doctor Recommended the Gene Test,” Apiary.

But All of the Foxes are Dancing” and “Perspective,” The New Orleans Review.

Snowed In,” “Painted Bride Quarterly.

Still Life with Flowers,” TINGE.

On I-76 East” and “In Bed,” Barnstorm.

Expectation” and “Illinois Cornfield as Nude Descending Staircase,” Beloit Poetry Journal.

This Song is Made of Ideas,” Crab Orchard Review & Verse Daily.